Experience North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands with a Kayak Tour

Is North Carolina's Brunswick Islands Calling My Name?

Is North Carolina's Brunswick Islands Calling My Name?

Paddling has become one of my favorite vacation activities and after learning about kayak tours in North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands, I’m guessing I’d dig what they have to offer. I haven’t visited the Brunswick Islands (yet) but they are supporting my travel habit in exchange for me sharing a little bit about their outdoor activities.

Beyond North Carolina’s Mountains

Honestly, when I think of North Carolina I think of mountains but people rave about seaside destinations, including the Brunswick Islands with its collection of five barrier islands. They’re located on the state’s southeast coast, just north of the South Carolina border and halfway between Myrtle Beach and Wilmington.

The area sounds adorable!  History of the Brunswick Islands spans more than three centuries with historic forts, pirate hideouts, an archeological dig site and lighthouses. This North Carolina community also has the ecotourism comforts I appreciate with salt marshes, birdwatching and uncrowded beaches ideal for loggerhead sea turtle nesting (followed by hatchings)  Plus, there looks like great places to stay ranging from familiar brand names and independently owned resorts to cozy cottages and condos.

Paddling through Serenity

The backwater kayak tours offered in the Brunswick Islands have me really excited. I’d love to paddle through a quiet salt marsh under the canopy of a bald cypress forest. Or, I’d really enjoy a sunset paddle and see birds heading to their roosts as the sun slips away while enjoying sea breezes.

Ahhh, sounds like paradise and the Brunswick Islands sounds like the ideal place to relax. I’ll be checking my schedule to see when I can schedule a visit to this slice of North Carolina paradise. Visit their website for additional information.

Have you been? If so, what did you think?

Image Source: Screenshot of North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands


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