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Sheep! Mountain Farm, Burnsville, N.C., Sept. 28, 2012
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Things to do Near Asheville, N.C.: WNC Cheese Trail

Fall was on its way into Western North Carolina and I was fortunate to see a hint of the season. My destination was Mountain Farm in Burnsville, a stop in the new Western North Carolina Cheese Trail.

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Where to View 2012 Fall Colors: Scientists Target Western North Carolina

Planning your 2012 vacation around the best place to view fall colors? Climate scientists have targeted Western North Carolina as the best bet for vibrant fall foliage. As a Western New York transplant living in Southwest Florida, the thing I miss most about Northern living is fall. Specifically, I miss the leaves changing color as […]

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Experience North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands with a Kayak Tour

Paddling has become one of my favorite vacation activities and after learning about kayak tours in North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands, I’m guessing I’d dig what they have to offer. I haven’t visited the Brunswick Islands (yet) but they are supporting my travel habit in exchange for me sharing a little bit about their outdoor activities.

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