Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Thin Mints Green Smoothie Recipe

Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Thin Mints Creamer Green Smoothie Recipe

Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Thin Mints Creamer Green Smoothie Recipe

Here’s a healthy dose of March for your Nutribullet, a Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Thin Mints green smoothie recipe.

March means several things for me. In addition to being up to elbows with alligators with the day job and blogging, March is when two of my favorite vices are available – those mint milkshakes at that fast-food restaurant with the golden arches and Girl Scout cookies, specifically, Thin Mints.

Those minty milkshakes are reminders of my family. Growing up, every St. Patrick’s Day after work my dad ran through the drive-thru to pick up those delicious shakes and bring them home as a treat. Dining out, including eating at fast-food restaurants, was a luxury back then so this was a big treat for the family, one we looked forward to each year.

These days, I need to watch my sugar intake and unfortunately, milkshakes and cookies aren’t (supposed to be) in my nutritional plan. But, everything in moderation is something I’m relearning in my #StepstoWellness journey.

With that being said, I met up with the Nestle Coffee-Mate folks while attending the BlogHer blogging conference last summer in Chicago and they gave me a couple of bottles of the Girl Scouts creamer to sample. I’m not sure they had any idea I would end up making a somewhat healthy smoothie recipe for my Nutribullet that has just the right amount of mint to satisfy that taste from childhood.

Here’s the recipe and feel free to modify. It is heavy on the carbs but compared to a milkshake, it’s much less.

1 cup raw spinach (or a little more)
¼ cup dry oatmeal
½ Peach (I’ve tried it with half a Granny Smith apple, too)
2 scoop chocolate protein powder
6 oz unsweetened almond milk
2 Tbsp Nestle Coffee-Mate Girl Scouts Thin Mint Creamer

Combine all ingredients in the order listed above in the NutriBullet tall cup. Mix with the Extractor Blade. Enjoy!

If you like it a little sweeter, throw in a little Truvia.
If you like your smoothies a little thinner, add water to your liking.
I use Nature’s Bounty Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mix and Silk Almond Milk.
Calories 325
Carbs 47g
Fat 9g
Protein 21g
Sodium 294mg
Sugar 23g

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Disclosure: I received a bottle of Nestle Coffee-Mate Girl Scout Thin Mints creamer complimentary in order to sample. This post contains affiliate links.


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