Day: June 18, 2013

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Tastykake® Kandy Bar Kakes Will Be My New Travel Companion

What I’m going to write may shock some of you so take a deep breath and hang on. Prior to this week, I have never tasted a Tastykake®. Yes, I’m serious. This week was the first time I’ve ever sunk my teeth into this soft, sweet goodness and as soon as the chocolatey velvet tickled […]

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Follow the North Star in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, to Discover What You Didn't Learn in High School
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Follow the North Star and Find American History in Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Eying the Big Dipper in the evening sky the other night, I held back tears. Don’t worry, it was all good, I’m just a sentimental baby sometimes. Earlier this month I followed the North Star to Chatham-Kent located in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, and learned it was more than just a terminus to the Underground Railroad during the mid-1800s.

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