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My Facebook Random Facts Game Contribution

There’s this Facebook Random Facts game circulating which can be fun in getting to know your fellow friends. I suppose you need to be “invited” to play the game in which you’re tagged and given a number – that number is the number of random facts about yourself you need to list. Fellow blogger Randy […]

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Dear Gov. Rick Scott: Careful What You Re-Tweet

The new governor of my great Sunshine State, Rick Scott, held a Town Hall meeting through Twitter tonight. I have to give him credit for using a new medium to interact with Florida citizens. This is how it worked: Folks who had questions were asked to tweet them to @FLGovScott and use the hashtag #flgov. […]

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Actor Kevin Kline's Shoes Opening Night Sarasota Film Festival
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2010 Sarasota Film Festival, April 9 – 18

Last year I had the pleasure of being part of a Twitterering team live Tweeting during the Sarasota Film Festival and think I did a pretty good job in creating buzz. I garnered regional media coverage with a press release I wrote, created the hashtag and had at least a couple dozen followers and festival attendees tweeting with it. The gig was arranged through one of the event sponsors and since that company is not a sponsor this year and the Sarasota Film Festival organizers have not reached out to me, I won’t have the access I did last year.

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I’m Raveable!

It’s true what they say about time passing quickly as we age. I’m not sure how I got to be old. I mean, I’m turning 40 in little more than a month. How’d that happen? Closer to home, it’s coming up on this blog’s first anniversary! Not sure what I’ll be doing for the blog […]

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