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Snapshot of the Official Inaugural Ball - the One for Those Who Purchased Tickets from TicketMaster, Washington, D.C., Jan. 21, 2013
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Presidential Inauguration: Ball Wasn’t All that and a Bag of Chips…Just a Bowl of Pretzels #inaug2013

Black tie events aren’t my thing but when they involve mucky-mucks as the President of the United States…um, yeah, I’ll clean up and slink on a pair of Spanx, don something shimmery and walk around in uncomfortable high heels inducing foot pain so intense it brings tears to my eyes. All for an evening just […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Hope and Change

A decent camera or more muscle to pony-up to the stage would have been useful when I attended the Mid-Atlantic Inaugural Ball a year ago today. President and Mrs. Obama are pictured in this “abstract” image.

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