NASA Tweetup: Remembering Anything is Possible

Me in July 1981 and April 2011, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Me in July 1981 and April 2011, Kennedy Space Center, Florida

Those who have joined me on this journey of participating in the NASA Tweetup (April 28 & 29, 2011) know the sentimental meaning of attending and potentially seeing a space shuttle launch. Short story is, my grandparents introduced me to the space shuttle program during summer vacation in 1981 with a visit to the Kennedy Space Center. Since moving to Florida in 1997, for a variety of reasons, I have yet to see a shuttle launch.

Attending the NASA Tweetup last week allowed me to get closer to a launch despite it being scrubbed. I heard from NASA engineers, scientists, astronauts and other staff. They all oozed with optimistic and genuine enthusiasm for the space program and NASA. I was able to see the shuttle on the launch pad, even though it was just shy of 3 miles away. By association, I feel more connected to Endeavour and the space program.

I also keep remembering the messages many of the NASA presenters reiterated: never give up, follow your dreams, be persistent, and anything is possible. While growing up, I was surrounded by those messages but somewhere along the way of becoming an adult, I traded dreams for contentment.

Perhaps the most important take away I’ve brought home is embrace your passions and don’t let go.

I have two more opportunities to see a shuttle launch. When Endeavor’s launch date is set, we STS-134 Twitterers will be invited to return. I’m hoping I’ll be able to attend…

…Wait. Switch that and think positive because anything is possible. I will be attending the launch of space shuttle Endeavour.


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