Day: May 19, 2010

Solo Travel

Three Reasons Why Solo at Disney Ain’t So Bad

Walt Disney World and Disney culture was a big part of my childhood and has grown up with me. Living in Florida with easy access to Walt Disney World Resort is a dream and finally being a card-carrying season pass holder is a sense of accomplishment. One of the biggest fears I overcame as a […]

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Fuzzies, Gadgets & Stuff

Lightweight Luggage: Traveling on the Fly

I’m a geeky traveler and don’t leave home without essentials as digital camera, iPhone, Flip video camera, GPS, laptop and all the cords required to keep everything juiced up. I also like to travel with carry-on bags so having lightweight luggage is key, since it reduces my “Grapes of Wrath” appearance and saves my back.

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Wordless Wednesday: Slug Mode

“Slug mode” is one of my favorite sayings when the going gets tough. It’s that feeling of being drained, time to slow down and take time for myself. I feel a slug mode Sunday coming on this weekend and thought this photo, taken in Olympic National Forest, Washington, last month, was somewhat appropriate. Although it’s […]

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