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View of MuCEM in Marseille-Provence, France
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Meeting Tomorrow’s Masters While Visiting Marseille-Provence 2013 European Capital of Culture

This being my first visit to Marseille-Provence, I experienced a vibrant, modern city appreciating its history and artists of yesterday yet nurturing and fostering creativity of tomorrow’s masters.

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Icelandic Volcano Changes My Travel Plans

Stupid Icelandic volcano! It’s official, 40th Birthday Trip to Amsterdam and Belgium is nixed for a trip to the Pacific Northwest. The airline hasn’t canceled the flight (yet) but things don’t look good. By canceling now we have time to plan for the new trip and if the flight to Amsterdam does depart, I’ll know […]

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Solo with Others

40th Birthday Trip: Let the Planning Begin

Yesterday ZeldaMae and I met up at a Barnes & Noble to being itinerary planning for my 40th birthday celebration to Amsterdam, Bruges, and Brussels later this month. We leave in two and a half weeks! Our tickets have been booked – roundtrip to Europe, baby! – so it’s not like this is totally last minute planning.

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