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Not sure if plaid and polka dots look right together? Check out

Not sure if plaid and polka dots look right together? Check out

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m fashionably challenged and am always trying to figure out how to get a more polished look. I’m confident in saying my sister received all of my fashion genes because she’s an up-and-coming hairstylist and makeup artist and when it comes to fashion, she has a knack for complementing colors and textures I always grew up believing shouldn’t share the same closest.

“Neutral, basic and mix and match.”

“How will it look in 10 years?”

“Don’t they have Garanimals for adults?”

“Seriously? That’s in style?”

These are the things that race through my mind when shopping. Yeah, I need help.

Me Rockin' My Skort at Star Wars Celebration V, Aug. 2010

Me Rockin' My Skort at Star Wars Celebration V, Aug. 2010

Since my sister lives in New York and I’m here in Florida, she can’t help me build a wardrobe or style my hair but I can check out for the latest budget-friendly beauty and fashion advice. The site is relatively new and building content so I have high hopes their fashion and beauty tips for traveling gals will expand because I know many of my friends and family are tired of seeing my favorite travel garment – my khaki skort. But, I’m pretty sure my freshwater pearls I almost always travel with will  never go out of fashion.

Beauty and Fashion Must-Haves When Traveling

My must-have travel items? In addition to the skort and pearls, I’d have to say mascara, a pashmina and if traveling overseas, a washcloth (Europe hasn’t gotten the memo I need them!). What are your beauty or fashion must-haves when traveling?


Disclosure: This post reflects my opinion and is part of a contest in which I may be compensated. Which would be great, my skort is getting a little worn out.


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