Health & Beauty: How to Avoid Traveler’s Nails

Disclosure: I am not a medical professional and recommend consulting with your physician before adding supplements to your diet and educate yourself before trying anything mentioned in this post. This post contains affiliate links.

No matter how careful I am and whether I’m traveling by air or car, I always break at least one nail. Of course, it’s not a clean break but some funky, pointy angle. If it’s a 10-day to two week adventure, at least half of my nails will break. Yuck! Here’s how to avoid traveler’s nails.

I Fixed Up My Traveler's Nails Before Dinner at Yellowtail Sushi at the Bellagio in Las Vegas Last Month
I Fixed Up My Traveler’s Nails Before Dinner at Yellowtail Sushi at the Bellagio in Las Vegas Last Month

I haven’t been able to prevent traveler’s nails but just fix them by carrying emery boards, like the one pictured below from opens in a new windowMadewell which came in my opens in a new windowBirchbox, in my purse.

Speaking with other women travelers, I’ve learned I’m not alone but what can be done?

This Pretty Emery Board from Madewell was in My Birchboxopens IMAGE file
This Pretty Emery Board from Madewell was in My Birchbox


For one, I suppose I can wear gloves. Remember the days when we dressed up in our Sunday best to travel? Growing up I always loved those sweet, white gloves so maybe I can be a trendsetter and in addition to my opens in a new windowScottevest Travel Vest, I can wear elegant gloves.

Not ideal?

Damsel in Distress

I could vow to never carry my luggage again and find someone to accompany on all my trips and handle my bags. Or, I could bat the eyelashes and play the helpless damsel in distress with hopes a gentleman will take care of my bags. I’ve seen it work with other women but that’s just not my style and neither is flaunting dollar bills to tip this valet and that bellman. Yeah, definitely not ideal.

I asked my sister opens in a new windowLizzy Dugan, a Buffalo-based hairstylist and makeup artist, what she recommends to prevent traveler’s nails. These take a little bit of planning prior to your next trip.

Power of B

Having a well-balanced diet is important to healthy nails. To keep her hair and nails strong Lizzy takes a Vitamin B supplement. Specifically, she incorporates opens in a new windowNature’s Made Super-B Complex into her nutrition plan. Vitamin B boosts metabolism and prevents heart disease and cancer. opens in a new windowDr. Oz has a clip about the benefits of the Vitamin B. opens WORD file Cutex has a list of additional vitamins important for opens in a new window nail health in this post.

Beautify Your Fingers

Book an appointment at your favorite nail salon before heading out on your travels not just for a manicure but a gel manicure. They’re a little more expensive than other manicures but the color and nail should last about three weeks without chipping. Do your homework before getting one, though. The removal process could be a bear, at least according to Dr. Oz. View this clip about the opens in a new windowsafety of gel manicures.

Do you have an issue with traveler’s nails? If so, what do you do to keep them chip-free and clean during your journeys?


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