Day: February 22, 2015

Manatees About to Surface by My Kayak in the Orange River, Manatee Park, Fort Myers, Fla., Feb. 22, 2015
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Laughing and Paddling at Manatee Park in Fort Myers, Fla.

My red kayak lazily floated down the Orange River and the only sound I noticed reminded me of snorkelers and SCUBA divers exhaling air. You know, that “pfffft” sound. One after another, about a dozen manatees took turns surfacing near my kayak, exhaling, inhaling then slipping back into the river.

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Mementos Left at the Flight 592 Memorial, Near Miami, Fla., Feb. 14, 2015
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Paying Respects at the Flight 592 Memorial Near Miami, Fla.

May 11, 1996, I was working and living in Everglades National Park when I heard the news about ValuJet Flight 592 crashing into the Everglades. The flight had departed Miami International Airport and was bound for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport when a fire in the cargo hold caused the plane to crash. All 110 on […]

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