World of A&K Travel App Inspires Adventure Vacations

World of A&K Travel App Inspires Adventure Vacations

World of A&K Travel App Inspires Adventure Vacations

Photographs pop with vibrancy when viewing them on an iPad and I really had no clue what I was missing until I became the proud owner of one. (Thanks again Wine Sisterhood!) Dynamic and intriguing images inspire me to travel and such as the case when recently checking out the free travel app produced by Abercrombie & Kent, the  World of A&K app for iPad.

“Stunning” is one word describing dynamic images of exotic wildlife and glorious vistas in the World of A&K app. Ranging from exotic adventure trips of gorilla tracking in Uganda to family travel to Cappadocia, each photo is memorable. Eye-catching photography offers an introduction to a destination’s activities, culture, history and sights.

The World of A&K app opens with a warm invitation from Abercrombie & Kent founder Geoffrey Kent to “explore the world with A&K.” Users choose to explore their travel interest from one of four experiences from the home page: Exotic Adventures, Family Travel, Culture & History and Nature & Wildlife. Brilliant photography is complemented with twenty-six :60- to :90-second narrated “Virtual Visits” to further entice travelers with photography and authentic audio (such as penguins chattering).

With the app, map out where you’ve been, create a wish list or share an A&K image either by sending a digital postcard or sharing on Facebook, Twitter or Google Earth. The one miss I can see with the World of A&K app is the digital postcard doesn’t include a link to the Abercrombie & Kent website. To me, that’s a missed marketing opportunity.

Create & Send a Virtual Postcard with World of A&K Travel App for iPad

Create & Send a Virtual Postcard with World of A&K Travel App for iPad

From the app, users can also visit the A& website or contact Abercrombie & Kent through a contact form.

Following are some of the experiences you can view and book with Abercrombie & Kent:

  • Marvel at the natural ice sculptures that ride the waves off Antarctica while the shore teems with penguin and seal, their calls reaching your ears on a gust of wind.
  • Stand in the midst of the Pushkar Fair, surrounded by the centuries-old camel and cattle sale in this holy city.
  • Gaze from the edge of the vast Serengeti plain, camera poised, as galloping wildebeest and zebra cross the river in front of you in wave after thundering wave.

A picture says a thousand words and the World of A&K app packs in millions. Snuggling into bed at night, curled up with the iPad and flipping through the images almost guarantees sweet dreams of exotic lands.

The World of A&K app for iPad can be downloaded free of charge from the App StoreSM Find additional information, including a demo video and a link to the app, at

Image Source: Abercrombie & Kent USA, LLC


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