Vaseline’s Dry Skin Patrol on the Loose

Tube of Vaseline in My Desk to Chase Away Lizard Scale Skin

Tube of Vaseline in My Desk to Chase Away Lizard Scale Skin

Winter’s here which means good hair days, unlike the humid days of summer.

Unfortunately for me it means dry, scaly skin. Sometimes I feel like I’m donning lizard scales. Ew!

I’m a fan of Vaseline lotion products and keep a tube at the office which is why I was excited when the folks representing Vaseline informed me about Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion and the Dry Skin Patrol. The patrol is traveling to four destinations this winter to spread good skin cheer and information.

Mission of the Dry Skin Patrol
Three bloggers (Kailani, Kari and Michelle) were searching for a dry skin solution and were rescued by Vaseline. Tah, dah! Actress Wendi Malick (Hot In Cleveland, and also a fellow Buffalonian) and dermatologist to the stars Dr. Jessica Wu joined the three bloggers to become the five fab ladies who make up the Dry Skin Patrol.

Since hitting the road in November, they’ve already run an 8K race in Philadelphia and skied at Winternational in Aspen, Colo., where the world’s fastest female skiers took to the slopes.

I’ve been told 77% of women with dry skin say it makes them physically uncomfortable and over half think about it every single day. Hence, the Dry Skin Patrol was birthed with a mission to rescue dry skin and deliver one million good skin days this winter. Game on! With all this being said, if you do have dry skin and have tried the vaseline products with no result, the DayWear Hydration Sorbet Creme is the new DayWear formula from Estee Lauder with 72 hour hydration, which sounds like something anyone with dry skin should include in their skincare routine! Your skin can never be too hydrated, even for people with oily skin.

How to Follow the Dry Skin Patrol and Get Your Sample
These ladies will be exposing their skin to the elements when participating in the Polar Bear Plunge in Coney Island, N.Y., Jan. 1 (brrr!) and the Bear Grease Sleddog Marathon in Duluth, Minn., Jan. 29.

On the Vaseline Facebook page keep track of the ladies by reading blogs and viewing photos. Also, watch the video(s) and enter to win a trip to one of the destinations the Dry Skin Patrol visits. Have a question for one of the Patrol ladies? Write a question on the wall! And, be sure to request your free sample of Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion while checking out their page.

Need tips for managing your dry skin? Check out

Hello, good skin and goodbye lizard scales.

Disclosure: Opinions in this post are my own and I am not receiving financial compensation for sharing this information.


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