Travel Gear Review: ChargerGenie, the World’s First Charging Tote Bag

I Totally Dig the ChargerGenie for My Travels

I Totally Dig the ChargerGenie for My Travels

“That’s pretty cool,” the TSA agent said while giving my ChargerGenie, the world’s first charging tote bag, a security swipe.

Last year I shared with you information about ChargerGenie, the world’s first charging tote bag, being funded through the crowd funding site Indiegogo. I’m thrilled to share I’ve received one – in Pink and Black Cheetah Print, no less – to review and it’s pretty nifty.


At first glance it’s a mini-tote bag and so cute, I’d use it as a lunch box! But it’s oh, so much more! It has four interior pockets and sits atop a rectangular power strip allowing one electrical outlet to turn into six power outlets and two USB charging outlets. Beneath the power strip is a storage compartment where the main power cord resides.


I’ve used it in the office but found it most useful when traveling where electrical outlets are slim to find, especially in hotel rooms. I typically travel with two cameras, sometimes three, my iPhone, iPad and sometimes my laptop. It’s important to charge these up at night so they’re ready to go during the day and the ChargerGenie has made it convenient. I no longer need to wake up in the middle of the night to move one electrical device so I can charge another. I pack all the charging cables and electronic gadgets in the bag that way I know where everything is rather than having it all scattered in my luggage.

A tip of advice if packing the ChargerGenie in your carry-on luggage when traveling by air. Take it out of your carry-on bag. As I learned while passing through the Orlando International Airport on my way to Guatemala, the ChargerGenie looks suspicious when packed in another bag on the X-ray scanner.


The TSA agent pulled it out of my backpack and asked, “What is this?”


When I explained what it is, he thought it was “pretty cool.”


From that point, I take it out of my carry-on when passing through airport security.


I really like the tote for its small, compact size, functionality and I LOVE Pink and Black Cheetah Print style. The tote will be great for attending blogging conferences or other conferences where power supplies are limited.

ChargerGenie Features

  • Turns 1 wall outlet into 6 plus 2 USB charging ports
  • Smart power outlet positioning means you can plug in 6 full sized chargers
  • 6 Power Outlets and 2 USB Ports, 125V 15A 1875W
  • Organizes personal electronic devices, game cards, headsets, e-readers & more
  • Storage zippered pouch and side and back pockets for you to store your device and accessories
  • UL certified –  It’s so unique that UL had to create new standards
  • Durable, lightweight and designed to attach to handles of most rolling bags or packs easily into a suitcase
  • Saves time, money and the inconvenience of replacing lost chargers and gadgets
  • Approx. Dimensions: 9.25″L x5″W x 6.75″H

Purchase your own ChargerGenie from their website for $49.99. Available in Black, Poppy Red or Pink and Black Cheetah.
Disclosure: I received a product sample in order to review. Opinions are my own.


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