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First Trader Joe’s in Florida Now Open in Naples

Sitting on my sofa sipping a glass of Two-Buck Chuck cabernet sauvignon tonight, I’m recalling last Saturday’s trip to the first Trader Joe’s in Florida. Located in North Naples, there’s only one word to summarize the scene. Craziness! I have never visited a Trader Joe’s but after hearing friends brag about the eclectic specialty grocery […]

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Alligator Hugging in Naples, Florida. Yeah, That’s Right. Gator Hugging.

Mike Sturgill sat in his Naples, Fla., souvenir shop stroking his pet named “Bobby.” With the exception of an occasional eye blink, Bobby stood still and I swear, I saw contentment on his face. If he were a cat, he’d be purring. “Would you like to hug him?” Sturgill, aka “Gatorman Mike,” asked as the […]

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Wordless Wednesday: Naples Botanical Garden, Florida

The 170-acre Naples Botanical Garden opened to the public in 2009 and I’m glad attending the Florida Outdoor Writer Association Annual Conference in Naples this week allowed me to visit this amazing collection of botanicals. Naples is located at 26th latitude north. The subtropical climate allows the garden to display plants between that latitude and […]

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