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Happy Faces Following a Great Afternoon Fishing with Capt. Rachael Reynolds of R&R Charters, Daytona Beach, Fla., July 14, 2017.
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That Time I Took My Dog Fishing in Daytona Beach

Radcliff waddled along Adventure Yacht Harbor’s boat dock at and looked like a walking hotdog. Strapped around him was an oversized, bulky orange life jacket probably too big for him. In fairness, this is the first time I’ve found and purchased a life jacket for a dog. The hunter-orange nautical gear was snug yet provided him with mobility to walk and jump aboard Capt. Rachael Reynolds’ boat for a dog-friendly fishing trip in Daytona Beach. Well, specifically in Wilbur by the Sea but really is Port Orange.

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Brownie's Dog Boutique Proprietors Alvin Almodovar and Eddie James with their Rescue Dog, Delilah.
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Brownie the Town Dog Inspires Dog-Friendly Daytona Beach

At the canine-chic shop called Brownie’s Dog Boutique, I learned about its namesake, Brownie the Town Dog, and met a couple looking to keep Brownie’s legacy alive while enhancing dog-friendly Daytona Beach.

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