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A Delicious Tropical Fruit Milkshake at Robert Is Here in Homestead, Fla.
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Meet the Florida Agritourism Association, ‘The Ultimate Field Trip’

Every ounce of me is meant to be a country gal. I can certainly hold my own in major cities as New York, London, Paris, and Bangkok, but even then, I’m seeking the most authentic, off-beat experiences. People who follow my adventures through Florida often ask, how do I find them? One source is the Florida Agritourism Association.

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Picking Hydroponics Veggies Near Sarasota, Fla.

Living in an apartment and spending much of my time traveling, I don’t have the ideal situation for a garden. I’ve tried growing herbs and tomatoes but they usually wilt away due to lack of watering. I know a few people who recommended that I get in grow lights from somewhere like LEDGrowLightsHQ.com as they […]

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