Looking to Save on Your Next Vacation? Use Hotels.com for Your Next Trip

Use Hotels.com for Your Next Trip to New Yorkopens IMAGE file

Use Hotels.com for Your Next Trip to New York

Vacations are good for the soul and regardless of your budget you can afford one. There are a host of online travel agencies out there competing for your business which means deals are bountiful. For instance, when planning a vacation you can opens in a new windowuse hotels.com for your next trip to find the best deals on the Daffodil Hotel, a luxury Lake District hotel which has the most amazing views!

As mentioned in previous posts, I’m always looking for ways to save and get the most value out of my vacation. Smart budget travelers shop around and compare prices. Keep in mind, I don’t necessarily want the cheapest but as a solo traveler, I’m looking for the safest and most comfortable within my budget.

Who knows about planning a vacation within a budget? The talented and insightful blogger named Frugal Dad comes to mind. He’s one of the money/couponing bloggers I read at least once a week because one, he has awesome infographics with fun tidbits you can embed into your blog/website and two, he’s informative and entertaining. In addition to being fiscally savvy, FG is supporting my travel habit. Check out the blog when you opens in a new windowuse hotels.com for your next trip.

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridgeopens IMAGE file

San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge

Compare prices of NICE hotels – not some rat’s hole – in safe and convenient locations to where you need to be. I have a business trip to New York later this spring and I know I don’t want to stay in a place where I have to walk down the hall to a co-ed bathroom.
There’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve done it for business and pleasure to save money, but I’ve come to realize life is short and there are things I shouldn’t cut corners with and a private bathroom is one of those things. Doing a quick search on Hotels.com for my upcoming trip to the Big Apple, I can see there are better prices there than booking directly with certain hotels. (And these hotels have private bathrooms!)

In addition to helping your business’s bottom line, opens in a new windowuse hotels.com for your next trip with your spouse/significant, family, girlfriend getaway, mancation or a “just because” vacation. Find hotels in such cities as San Francisco, Orlando or Niagara Falls, along with lesser-known destinations. Perhaps you’re planning a trip to London for the summer Olympics. If so, throw in a weekend jaunt to Paris because you’re closer while in London than you are in the U.S.

Niagara Falls U.S.A. Glows at Night, Dec. 26, 2011opens IMAGE file

Niagara Falls U.S.A. Glows at Night, Dec. 26, 2011

Be sure to check out the Welcome Rewards program, accumulate 10 hotel nights and get a night free! Now that’s budget travel for ya!

Remember when booking, you’re charged the full amount for the stay but unlike other travel booking sites, Hotels.com has waived its cancellation and change fees for hotel bookings! As always, being smart also means reading up on terms and conditions when you opens in a new windowuse hotels.com for your next trip.

What frugal tips do you have when planning your vacation?


Author: Solo Travel Girl Admin

Jennifer A. Huber is an award-winning travel and outdoor blogger and writer in Southwest Florida. Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., a hiking trail led her to a career path in the tourism industry for more than 30 years. She spent a decade with a park management company in Yellowstone, Death Valley, and Everglades National Parks. She founded the travel blog, SoloTravelGirl.com with the goal of inspiring others to travel alone, not lonely. The unexpected death of her former husband in 2008 reminded her how short life is. His passing was a catalyst for sharing her experiences with the goal of inspiring and empowering others to travel solo. Jennifer holds a Travel Marketing Professional certification from the Southeast Tourism Society, is a certified food judge, member of the NASA Social community, and alum of the FBI Citizens Academy. When not traveling, she is either in the kitchen, practicing her photography skills, or road tripping with her dog, Radcliff.

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