Let Wild Ophelia Lead You on an American Roadtrip through Chocolate

Wild Ophelia's American Roadtrip through Chocolate Collection

Wild Ophelia’s American Roadtrip through Chocolate Collection

There’s nothing like taking a culinary road trip and here’s an option for a sweet American road trip through chocolate with Wild Ophelia. If you haven’t heard of Wild Ophelia, listen up. It’s a delicious American chocolate brand bringing creativity to your local chocolate aisle.

Don’t worry if your auto’s gas tank isn’t full, this road trip through chocolate can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home, barn, boat or wherever you plant your feet. Wild Ophelia has collaborated with food artisans and American farmers to create all-natural chocolate bars and oftentimes, they contain organic ingredients.

Beef Jerky and Chocolate? Oh Yeah, Baby!
Clever milk chocolate bar creations come in flavors as Beef Jerky, Peanut Butter & Banana, and Southern Hibiscus Peach. A dark chocolate bar with 70 percent cacao is paired nicely with pepper heat in a bar appropriately called New Orleans Chili.

Sound strange? Perhaps but trust me, the flavors blend well for a pleasant and flavorful journey. The chocolate bar flavors remind me of some of my travels. Biting into the New Orleans Chili bar reminds me of the trips I’ve taken to Louisiana, the capital of spicy food. Recently I traveled to Louisiana and tasted a hot boudin ball for the first time. Despite being more than 350 calories (yikes!) it was spicy, flavorful and wonderful. Biting into the New Orleans Chili brings back the warm, delicious memories of Cajun Country.

Savoring the Beef Jerky chocolate bar reminds me of visiting Jackson Hole, Wyo. Nothing says “cowboy up” than beef jerky, right? This chocolate bar has a light smoky flavor reminding me of campfires and cowboys. Giddy up!

Peanut Butter & Banana are a perfect marriage and combined in this Wild Ophelia bar is pure magic. Neither flavor over powers the other and the banana tastes like a banana rather than the overly sweet artificial banana flavoring. It also reminds me of the American West and specifically, all the backcountry hiking and camping I did while living and working Yellowstone National Park.

Although the peaches in the Southern Hibiscus Peach milk chocolate bar are from Southern California the bar reminds me of traditional southern hospitality and peaches found in Georgia. It’s sweet with a light and lovely tang.

Keeping it Real
I’ve been eating clean over the past couple of months which means I’m eating as little processed food as possible and getting back to basics. This is why I’m a Wild Ophelia fan, in addition to being part of their Blogger Posse, because I don’t feel guilty eating these chocolate bars. In most cases, the bars are made with all natural ingredients, contain no preservatives and are gluten-free. Plus, the dark chocolate bars contain less sugar than milk chocolate bars and are terrific for fighting jet-lag.

Are your taste buds ready for a delightfully yummy road trip?

About Wild Ophelia
Based in Chicago, Ill., Wild Ophelia is the creation from Katrina Markoff, founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat. She’s been recognized as a “chocolate revolutionary” by Food & Wine magazine and launched Wild Ophelia to bring unconventional American-inspired chocolate creations mainstream and revolutionize the local chocolate aisle. The organization also takes sustainability seriously and focuses on creating high-quality chocolate while being approachable. When you pick up a bar, turn it over. Each bar tells a story – both on the wrapper and in each bite – and tells the origin of each ingredient. Find Wild Ophelia at Walgreens, Whole Foods, Cost Plus World Market and visit their website www.wildophelia.com to find a store near you.

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Disclosure: I’ve been selected as a member of Wild Ophelia’s Blogger Posse meaning I receive samples of chocolate in exchange for my honest opinions about the products.


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