Disneynature OCEANS is Aqua-Amazing!

Disneynature OCEANS

Disneynature OCEANS

Incredible. Incredible. INCREDIBLE! Just finished watching  Disneynature OCEANS, out on Blu-Ray and DVD Oct. 19, 2010. This nature film is an amazing journey into the ocean. It’s a feast for the eyes and blow your mind with the wonderment of marine life. It’s aqua-amazing! Consider it a peek into Neptune’s aquatic theatrical show starring both bizarre and familiar crustaceans, fish, amphibians, reptiles, sea mammals and bird life.

Cinematography is stunning both with the vibrancy of images and how the filmmakers captured so many amazing moments. They have captured animal emotions and habits not to the extent of humanizing these wonderful creatures but in a way of showcasing how amazingly incredible they are. Like Disneynature: The Crimson Wing (you can find my review here), OCEANS shows birth, life and death. Narration complements natural sounds and music synchronized appropriately.

Purchase OCEANS by Oct. 25, 2010, Do Good for Nature
Disneynature OCEANS is available Oct. 19 as a Disney Blu-ray Combo Pack (one  each of a Blu-ray and DVD) and a one-disc DVD by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. When purchased now through Oct. 25, 2010, Disneynature will make a contribution to The Nature Conservancy to continue preserving coral reefs in The Bahamas. Holidays are around the corner and your favorite nature enthusiast or child would enjoy a copy of Disneynature OCEANS for Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday, or just because moment.

Here’s Your Sneak Peek of OCEANS
Take a look at this clip of OCEANS. Isn’t it amazing????

If the video doesn’t play, click here OCEANS Trailer

Nuts and Bolts About Disneynature OCEANS
Run time for OCEANS is about 84 minutes and you’ll be asking for more. In the short span of the nature film, see the synchronization of fish, meet a dragon, unicorns of the sea, and witness newly hatched sea turtles make a run to the ocean. Of course, there’s a whole lot more including massive jelly fish, curious looking lizards, horseshoe crabs and cuddly-looking sea lions.

In addition to the feature, extras include the music video “Make A Wave” featuring Joe Jonas and Demi Lavato; Disney & Nature: Preserving the World We Share to take a deeper look into The Walt Disney Company’s conservation projects around the globe; and Deeper in the Ocean including behind the scenes looks of filming OCEANS. The Blue-ray includes all that plus Living Menus where viewers can explore the world’s oceans on an interactive globe and Filmmaker Annotations where views can see more in-depth behind-the-scenes footage and hear tales from crew who spent several years  filming.

Disneynature OCEANS is available Oct. 19, 2010. Suggested retail price for the Blue-ray Combo pack is $39.99 (one Blu-ray and one DVD) and the one-Disc DVD is $29.99.

Representatives for Disneynature OCEANS provided me with a complimentary copy of the film to review but be assured, these are my honest opinions about the film. Loved it!


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