Review: Keen Newport Water Sandals Purchased from Appalachian Outdoors Travel Store Are Pretty Nifty

Testing Out Keen Newport H2 Sandals at Stump Pass Beach State Park, Fla.

Keen Sandals at Stump Pass Beach State Park, Fla.

Water sandals available in a color called gargoyle are simply awesome. My 10-year-old Teva sandals gave out about a year ago and it was time to upgrade to something a bit more modern, Keen Newport H2 Sandals purchased from Appalachian Outdoors travel store. Living in Florida means I’m spending quite a bit of time in the water. This doesn’t necessarily mean on soft beaches so there are many times I need to protect my feet from oyster-shell bottoms and who knows what else.

Putting Keen Newport H2 Sandals to the Test

I’ve spent a few days in these shoes and have decided this is what I like and dislike about the Keen Newport H2 Sandals

What I Liked

  • Walking the beach and into the water, these shoes are comfortable. They fit snugly but not too tight and don’t slip off.
  • My feet usually suffer at least one blister when breaking in a new pair of shoes but this didn’t happen with this pair.
  • They were on sale! The original cost of the sandals was $94.95 but they were on sale for $75.96.
  • My sandals arrived just under a week and within the time promised.
  • Wearing a color called gargoyle. Hello? Can ya get any cooler than that?
Chillaxing with Keen Water Sandals at Stump Pass Beach State Park, Fla.

Chillaxing with Keen Water Sandals at Stump Pass Beach State Park, Fla.

What I Didn’t Like

  • They were a little difficult to get on. My feet struggled to squeeze into the sandal opening but once in, all was a-okay.
  • Either these sandals aren’t made for the beach or I walk funny. Let me explain, the Keen Newport H2 Sandals are NOT advertised for the beach, but that’s where I spent most of my time with them. While walking a sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, sand kept entering the sandal and settled at the bottom causing an uncomfortable feeling. I wiggled my feet several time and the sand did pour out.

Well, Did I Like Them?
My new gargoyle colored Keen Newport H2 Sandals are pretty nifty and will come in handy when kayaking, boating and wading out in the water. Yes, they’re a keeper and I recommend you consider them when looking for a water sandal.

Appalachian Outdoors Offers Variety
Shopping for outdoor footwear can be hit or miss for me, since my feet are a size 9.5 and I have difficulty finding the right fit. Appalachian Outdoors offers a variety of water sandals and it was easy to find something I liked in my size.

If footwear isn’t what you’re needing, the company offers a host of other outdoor apparel and equipment ranging from ski apparel to camping equipment. Brands sold through the site include Columbia, Merrell and Patagonia.

Prices Fitting Everyone’s Budget
Everyone’s struggling financially in today’s economy and Appalachian Outdoors offers products at price points fitting everyone’s budget. Most orders qualify for the $6.95 flat shipping rate. Plus, the outdoors travel store frequently offers sales.

Farewell, hiking boots!

Farewell, hiking boots!

During my trip to Alaska I ended up saying goodbye to my hiking boots. The soles basically disintegrated. When I’m ready to pick up a new pair, I’ll be checking out what Appalachian Outdoors has to offer.

Disclosure: Appalachian Outdoors provided me with a store credit to use toward the purchase of my order in exchange for a non-biased review of the product. I paid the difference and the credit has no influence on this review.


Author: Solo Travel Girl Admin

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