Q&A with Astronaut Mark Kelly in Sarasota

*SQUEE!* Capt. Mark Kelly Signed his Book "Gabby" and My #NASATweetup Badge!opens IMAGE file

*SQUEE!* Capt. Mark Kelly Signed his Book “Gabby” and My #NASATweetup Badge!

Following opens in a new windowAstronaut Mark Kelly’s Sarasota lecture, he sat down with opens in a new windowRingling College Library Association’s Town Hall Chair Stephanie Grosskreutz to answer questions. Several questions were asked but following are responses to five submitted by the audience (two were my questions!)…

RCLA Town Hall Chair Stephanie Grosskreutz Sits Down with Capt. Mark Kelly, Sarasota, Fla., March 11, 2013opens IMAGE file

RCLA Town Hall Chair Stephanie Grosskreutz Sits Down with Capt. Mark Kelly, Sarasota, Fla., March 11, 2013

His mother (who passed away last year), Neil Armstrong and John Glenn are people who have inspired Kelly. (Did anyone tell him Neil Armstrong frequently vacationed on Gasparilla Island?)

Endeavour’s Tuscson Flyover
“Fear,” is what he felt during the Sept. 20, 2012, space shuttle Endeavour fly over Tucson. He had sent coordinates for our route to the plane’s captain and had told people where it would fly over. He feared he may have transcribed the coordinates.

Gabby’s Response to Award
Earlier in the month Caroline Kennedy called Gabby Giffords to let her know she was the recipient of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award. “Profiles in Courage,” is her favorite book and upon learning of the award, Giffords told Kennedy, “Awesome.”

Better Space Shuttle Commander?
Kelly has a twin brother opens in a new windowCapt. Scott Kelly who is also a NASA astronaut and has commanded the space shuttle. Between the two, who does Mark think is the better space shuttle commander? He replied he is, justifying his answer because he commanded two space shuttle flights, but said Scott is the better International Space Station commander, since he’s done it twice. He added if Scott does spend a year at ISS as planned in 2014, he will be the American with most time logged in space. (Yeah, a YEAR!)

Although he has retired from NASA, Kelly is consulting with Elon Musk’s opens in a new windowSpaceX, the private space transport company that has successfully delivered to and returned from International Space Station cargo.

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