Does Your Nail Art Reflect Your Passions?

Nail Art - Brown Trout on Top, Rainbow Trout on the Bottom

Nail Art – Brown Trout on Top, Rainbow Trout on the Bottom

Does your nail art reflect your passions? Time and budget permitting, I love heading to the salon and having my nails done. Honestly, I’m not very coordinated in painting them myself. But, I’ve never had my nails painted in something other than a color or if I’m feeling really fancy, the classic white French tip.

So check this out…

I’m attending an outdoor writers conference this week and one of the attendees had the most amazing finger nails. They were painted to match the skin of two fish – one hand had rainbow trout (pink, green and black spots) and the other had brown trout (gold with black and red spots). See the photo above.  Now see the photo of the rainbow trout below.

Rainbow Trout - Source: Wikipedia

Rainbow Trout – Source: Wikipedia

Can you see the similarity?

I know, it’s not a great photo but I think you get the idea. What was even cooler was she had photos holding those actual fish. She said she’s been going to the same nail technician for about 15 years and for the last four, she’s requested to have her nails painted to match the fish she’ll be catching in the immediate future.

She had photos holding rainbow trout, brown trout, dolphin (so her nails were blue and green) and even had catfish nails holding a catfish! Those nails were a silver with catfish faces painted on, complete with whiskers.

Thanks to nail wraps, I’m having fun with different patterns but they really don’t reflect my passions, at least I haven’t found any that reflect the outdoors, astronomy, or travel.

So, does your nail art reflect your passions?


Rainbow Trout Image Source: opens in a new windowWikipediaopens IMAGE file


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