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My Awesome Alaska Adventure

Planning a trip to Alaska?  If you’re looking to road trip it like my friends and I did, following is a list of places we stayed and visited. Happy travels!

Where to Stay in Alaska: Hatcher Pass Lodge in Palmer

The A-frame cabin resting above the treeline in the Talkeetna Mountains shook each time I rolled over in my bed. To reach my bed, I climbed a wood ladder to the loft and shared an open room with Lyn, one of my traveling companions during our Alaska adventure this summer. Madge, our third musketeer, opted Read More »

Postcards from Alaska: Visting the Alaska Pipeline

What’s 48 inches in diameter, 800 miles long and crosses over three mountain rangers and more than 30 major streams and rivers? The Trans Alaska Pipeline System, that’s what.* A stop at the Alyeska Pipeline Visitor Center in Fox, north of Fairbanks, was made during my Alaska trip to view a small portion of the Read More »

Wordless Wednesday: Ho! Ho! Ho! Visiting North Pole, Alaska

“Now Dasher! Now Dancer!… On Comet! On Cupid!” Yes kids, there is a Santa Claus and I caught a glimpse of him while visiting the City of North Pole, Alaska, last month. No, I didn’t sit on his lap to tell him I was a good girl this year and share with him my Christmas Read More »

Shopping for Alaska Souvenirs at Fred Meyer

Shortly after landing at the Anchorage airport, I was sitting in the backseat of the rental car soaking up my surroundings. While stopped at a traffic light, a car wrapped in an advertisement for King Salmon Jerky pulled up next to us. “Cool,” I thought. “Something truly Alaskan I can bring home.” Plus, I knew Read More »

Incredible Giant Vegetables at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer

The pumpkin named “Patrick” weighing in at 1,723 pounds at the Alaska State Fair in Palmer may have been a giant vegetable but it did not take home the blue ribbon this year. Instead, the honor went to “Lucy Lu”, a plump gourde at 1,287 pounds which also set a new Alaska State Record.

Postcards from Alaska: Wild and Woolly at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer

Female musk ox at the Musk Ox Farm in Palmer, Alaska, live an average of 20 years while males have a shorter lifespan of 15. Why? Not because females are heartier and healthier but one can say the males are more “bullheaded.” Males, called bulls, typically die from brain damage due to all the headbutting Read More »

Postcards from Alaska: Sarah Palin’s House

I’m two days from becoming mayor of Sarah Palin’s House FourSquare alerted me after checking in from a very quick visit to the former Alaska governor’s driveway. Wasilla, Alaska, was a stop when returning to Anchorage from Fairbanks earlier this month, and since I wanted to add a little pop culture into the trip, I Read More »

Postcards from Alaska: Seeing Denali National Park with Kantishna Experience Bus Tour

Most visitors can’t drive cars into Denali and seeing it by bus is the easiest way. Only having a day to explore, I took the 12-hour Kantishna Experience bus tour and so glad I did!