Feeling Festive with my Dog at Gallagher’s Pumpkins and Christmas Trees in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Enjoy Christmas at Gallagher's Pumpkins and Christmas Trees in St. Petersburg, Fla.

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Christmas trees. Holiday photo opps. Dog-friendly. Oh, my! Gallagher’s Pumpkins and Christmas Trees in St. Petersburg is a perfect place to grow the holiday spirit and it’s where I went on Thanksgiving.

This Tampa Bay Area Park Was Closed on Thanksgiving Day.
This Tampa Bay Area Park Was Closed on Thanksgiving Day.

Solo with my Dog for Thanksgiving, Again.

Being single means, I can do just about anything, even on holidays. Though unconventional, I ate my Thanksgiving feast for breakfast – roasted duck, stuffing, mashed potatoes*, and air fried asparagus – loaded the dog in the car and headed north. The Tampa Bay area was our destination where I had visions of hiking a local park.

Well, let’s say I almost had a Clark Griswold-pulling-up-to-Wally-World-moment. The park I wanted to visit had a gate across the entrance and sign stating closed for Thanksgiving. Hmm. That would have been useful information to post on their website and Facebook page.

How can nature be closed off and inaccessible? Don’t people in the Tampa Bay area need to walk off a turkey dinner?

After trying to visit another place which was also closed, I headed to my primary destination, Gallagher’s Pumpkins and Christmas Trees in St. Petersburg. Before Thanksgiving, I drove up to see what it was all about. Friends had posted photos on Instagram. I had to see for myself if it really was as cute as it looked on the Gram.

O Christmas Tree. O Christmas Tree.

Oh. My. Goodness. It was adorable in October with row upon row of pumpkins of varying sizes, haystacks, cornstalks, and pockets of photo opportunities, including in front of a vintage, red pickup truck. Plus, they’re dog friendly. Note: I imagined it being in a rural part of St. Pete (does that even exist?) but this seasonal holiday shop is setup in a parking lot and they do a great job in making you forget that.

Today, we arrived around 3 p.m. and if anyone needs a jolt of Christmas spirit, they’ll definitely feel it here.

The aroma of pine triggered all those childhood-Christmas feels as I spied row after row of beautiful evergreens. To Radcliff, he saw row after row of pee spots, especially after seeing one of the resident Golden Retrievers.

There were about a dozen other people there picking out trees and wreaths. Since Radcliff isn’t a fan of crowds, I figured this would be a good day to visit.

Tons of Instagrammable Photo Opps

I envisioned this being the pawfect spot to capture a photo for this year’s Christmas card. There are several pockets of photo opportunities including in front of the red truck. The problem with being single (and traveling solo) is trying to set up a photo with your uncooperative dog.

The Gallagher Golden posed perfectly and I hoped Radcliff would take a cue from her. I attempted to pose him in front of the truck, in front of trees, in front of a dog-specific photo spot but as soon as I stepped away from him to snap a photo, he moved. So, I gave up.

As we left, he ended up plopping down in the middle of the entrance/exit in the dirt. sigh This is the only place he wanted to chill and show off his personalized dog bandana from Hound + Home Design Company, a gift from my friend Val. The Golden Retriever made her way towards us and she was as gentle and friendly as can be. Usually, Radcliff is growly around new dogs but he was calm around her.

Bringing Home my Childhood Christmas Memories

Before leaving, I picked up a lush, evergreen wreath. I know it’s supposed to be hung on the outside of my door but I have it inside. It’s so fragrant and reminds me of home.

Growing up, my Dad made Christmas wreaths and my siblings and I helped. We schlepped in what seemed like waist-high snow carrying plastic trash bags and filled them with fresh-cut evergreen boughs. Often, the ends poked through the bags and left sap on my jacket. We then hauled the bags on top of the snow to the house’s back room where Dad created wreaths into the wee hours of the night. Wreath rings were made from metal coat hangers bent into smooth rings. They’re perfect for wreaths because they have a built-in door hanger.

The wreaths and fresh-cut Christmas tree always filled the house with an evergreen scent. It’s one I associate with the outdoors, Christmas, and home.

If you’re in the St. Pete area, check out Gallagher’s for the holidays. In addition to trees and wreaths, they have a variety of poinsettias, Christmas cacti and ferns, baked goods like pumpkin pie, and merch.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Cute mugs! Some of the merch for sale at Gallagher's Pumpkin and Christmas Trees in St. Petersburg, Fla.
Cute mugs! Some of the merch for sale at Gallagher’s Pumpkin and Christmas Trees in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Gallagher’s Pumpkins and Christmas Trees
7401 4th St N.
St Petersburg, FL 33702
Tel: (850) 559-4554
Visit their website for dates and hours of operation.

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