How I Keep My Smile Direct Club Aligners Clean When Traveling

I Can See the Difference in My Smile Thanks to Smile Direct Club and EverSmile WhiteFoam.

Are you straightening your teeth with Smile Direct Club? Here is how I keep my Smile Direct Club aligners clean while traveling.

Before I Started Using Smile Direct Club Clear Aligners and Me Wearing the Weeks 15/16 Aligners. I Can See A Difference in My Smile, Can You?
Before I Started Using Smile Direct Club Clear Aligners and Me Wearing the Weeks 15/16 Aligners. I Can See A Difference in My Smile, Can You?

#MySmileJourney with Smile Direct Club

In Fall 2019, I finally took the leap to straighten my teeth. After some research and seeing results from a couple of friends, I chose Smile Direct Club.

An Affordable Option

My reason is not directly related to vanity. Several years ago, I chipped a bottom tooth. I asked the dentist for a crown, preferably with a gold one like what my Grandma Huber had. He said he will, but not with a gold one, until I straighten my top teeth. The bite from my top teeth caused a stress fracture and if he crowned it, the other tooth has potential of chipping. He suggested I give Invisalign a try but after doing some research, they are out of my budget. I looked at traditional braces, too, but they are more expensive than Invisalign and my insurance does not cover either.

The Smile Shop Visit

I visited a Smile Direct Club Smile Shop in Sarasota and met with a tech who took 3D imagery of my teeth. A few weeks later, I received a box which included my 3D-printed plastic aligners, three for each month. #MySmileJourney plan with Smile Direct Club is six months and I have two months to go. Yay!

How Many Aligners Will it Take to Straighten My Smile?

For weeks one and two of each month, I wear a different aligner for each of those weeks and for weeks three and four, I wear the same aligner. Over the six months, I’ll wear 18 aligners (*I think*) at least 20 hours a day. I cannot eat or drink with them on so before I pop them back in my mouth, I need to brush my teeth. When I’m home or in the office, brushing my teeth is not an issue. When I’m traveling with my Smile Direct Club aligners, that’s another story.

Finding a place to brush my teeth or a place to rinse them with water while traveling has been challenging. I have brushed my teeth in front of more strangers than I care to recall. Brushing in rest stops and airport bathrooms has been humbling, especially when most faucets flow with motion sensors rather than handles. I have taken them out and stored them in their case without rinsing with water countless times because I’m not in a location with running water. And then there have been times when I could not find a place to brush and have worn my aligners without brushing my teeth.

When Clear Aligners Get Funky

During weeks when I can brush every time before inserting my aligners, they got funky, and not in the fun, celebratory way. In the, what the heck is that odor or gunk on my aligners? Thankfully, I have found solutions! Here are three ways on how to keep my Smile Direct Club aligners clean.

This Folding Toothbrush is Great for Traveling.

Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The first solution is a basic one and requires running water. I found these great travel toothbrushes that fold out to a regular sized-toothbrush and pair it with travel-sized toothpaste. (I’m into Colgate right now, specifically the Optic White, but you be you with your toothpaste!).

During #MySmileJourney, I'm Sometimes Using Disposable Mini Toothbrushes to Brush My Teeth Which Helps Keep My Smile Direct Club Aligners Clean When Traveling.
During #MySmileJourney, I’m Sometimes Using Disposable Mini Toothbrushes to Brush My Teeth Which Helps Keep My Smile Direct Club Aligners Clean When Traveling.

Disposable Mini Toothbrushes

Disposable mini toothbrushes make it easy to brush on the go. These are little brushes with a freshening bead in the center of the bristles which bursts with brushing. These are great when you can find a discreet place to brush and do not have water. I’m using Colgate Max Fresh Wisps. The downside is these are made with plastic and disposable after one use, which is not good for the environment. Because of this, I use these sparingly.

On the Left Are Smile Direct Club Clear Aligners I Wore for a Week. See the Yellowish Tint? On the Right is a Pair of Aligners I Cleaned with EverSmile WhiteFoam. See the Difference Between Them and the Other Pair?

On-The-Go Aligner Cleaning & Whitening with EverSmile WhiteFoam ™

It’s recommended to clean your Smile Direct Club aligners, but you shouldn’t use toothpaste because it’s an abrasive. My mouthwash contains essential oils and essential oils are bad for plastic. The folks representing EverSmile WhiteFoam sent me products to try and this product has been amazing for my Smile Direct Club aligners and smile.

Here’s the thing, bacteria can grow under the aligners because your saliva cannot get underneath, and that’s a natural tooth cleanser. Compounds can build up which causes a funky odor my dog loved but not me. And, when bacteria and plaque form and stick to teeth, the aligners appear cloudy and/or yellow.

WhiteFoam is hydrogen peroxide based. In laboratory testing, 99.999% of common bacteria is killed within 60 seconds when it’s in contact with EverSmile WhiteFoam. The hydrogen peroxide destroys odor and keeps the aligners clear vs. cloudy and/or yellowish. It’s also a cleaner and whitener that’s been used for more than a century. I have been using a 1.69-ounce bottle with a pump of the EverSmile WhiteFoam, which is less than the 3 ounces TSA permits in carry on luggage. The bottle should last me 30 days.

I use it while I’m traveling and when I’m not. It’s definitely a welcoming and refreshing feeling when pumping the WhiteFoam into my aligners, especially if I didn’t properly brush them earlier in the day. You can see in the photo above how the aligners to the left are yellowish and cloudy. The aligners on the right are when I used EverSmile WhiteFoam four times a day. It’s amazing how clear it keeps my Smile Direct Club clear aligners clean! And, how it has brightened my smile!

Find EverSmile WhiteFoam on Amazon.

I keep all of the above items in a pouch and carry it with me always. (Pictured with the toothbrush and it was a freebie from Ulta.)

I'm Pleased with #MySmileJourney and Thans to EverSmile WhiteFoam, My Smile is Sparkling!
I’m Pleased with #MySmileJourney and Thans to EverSmile WhiteFoam, My Smile is Sparkling!

Begin Your Own Smile Journey with Smile Direct Club

Are you currently on your own Smile Journey with Smile Direct Club? How do you keep your clear aligners clean?

Or, are you considering Smile Direct Club to enhance your smile? Visit your dentist and ask if Smile Direct Club is an option for you. Use my Smile Direct Club link to find a Smile Shop or order an impression kit and you will get $100 off when you purchase your Smile Direct Club clear aligners. I’ll get a $100 Amazon gift card, too!


This post contains affiliate links to support this blog, my traveling habit, and my special-needs dog. I received EverSmile WhiteFoam and opinions on this and all products mentioned are my own and have not been reviewed by any brand.


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