10 Patriotic Things to Do in Philadelphia

Visiting Independence Hall is a Patriotic Thing to do in Philadelphia
Philadelphia: The Cradle of Liberty and Host of the 2016 DNC Convention

Philadelphia was the perfect place to hold the DNC Convention because it is nicknamed the Cradle of Liberty. This is the location where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed, forming the modern United States. Following are 10 patriotic things to do in Philadelphia.

If Walls Could Talk 
Visit the Independence Hall Visitor Center to pick up a free, timed tour ticket and join a National Park Service Ranger for a guided tour through opens in a new windowIndependence Hall. You’ll view the room where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were signed. Admission is free. (520 Chestnut St.) [Note: National Park Service is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year so visiting any unit of the NPS is a very patriotic thing to do in Philadelphia this week.]

Visiting Independence Hall is a Patriotic Thing to do in Philadelphia

Learn What Caused the Crack in the Liberty Bell
Read about American history and history of the opens in a new windowLiberty Bell during a self-guided tour. Be prepared for airport-like security but, you should be able to keep your shoes on. Admission is free. (6th St. & Market St.)

A National Park Service Ranger Gives a Printing Demonstration at the Franklin Court Printing Office in Philadelphia.

Long Before Facebook…
As a teenager, Benjamin Franklin worked as a printer in Philadelphia, then London and back to Philadelphia where he published an informative and engaging newspaper. Part of Independence Park is the opens in a new windowFranklin Court Printing Office run by the National Park Service. See a 1700s printing press in operation. Admission is free. (322 Market St.)

Sit Down, Listen to History
Look for yellow, oval signs reading “ opens in a new windowOnce Upon a Nation and a bench to learn about history as told by engaging historic storytellers. Historic Philadelphia, Inc., an organization dedicated to sharing Philadelphia’s place in U.S. history, coordinates the program called Once Upon a Nation. The Storytelling Benches are located throughout Historic Philadelphia. Stories are free.

Take a Tour with Context to Learn More About American History in Philadelphia.

Walk in History’s Footsteps with Context
opens in a new windowContext offers thematic tours led by Ph.D. and master’s level scholars and group size is limited to six people. A patriotic thing to do in Philadelphia is the opens in a new windowFranklin Seminar to learn about Benjamin Franklin from his early beginning to his death. The walking tour visits Historic Philly including Christ Church (where I sat in Franklin’s pew), Franklin Court, and Second Bank U.S. Portrait Gallery.

Take a Run, Like Rocky
Running up the front steps of the opens in a new windowPhiladelphia Museum of Art is a popular thing to do in Philadelphia. Tourists are often seen imitating Sylvester Stallone’s underdog-boxing character, Rocky Balboa, as he triumphantly ran up the museum steps in five Rocky films. And isn’t Rocky a patriotic character in American pop-culture? Running up the steps is free; museum admission is $20 for adults and view the opens in a new windowentire fee schedule online.  (2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.)

It's Pretty Easy to Find Someone to Snap Your Photo at the Love Sculpture When You're Traveling Solo in Philadelphia
It’s Pretty Easy to Find Someone to Snap Your Photo at the Love Sculpture When You’re Traveling Solo in Philadelphia

Love Trumps Hate
Election season is in full swing and let’s get real, the mud-slinging is in full swing and love trumps hate. Head to Dilworth Park to see and snap a selfie of the famous opens in a new windowLOVE sculpture by American artist Robert Indiana.

Politics But Without an Agenda
City tour company opens in a new windowUrban Adventures has created two patriotic tours relating to the DNC Convention, “I’m with Her: Hillary Clinton and Philly’s Founding Women” and “Feel the Bern: Bernie Sanders and Philly’s Revolutionaries” pretty patriotic. The first is about Philadelphia’s prominent women and their role in founding the U.S. and the second emphasizes Philadelphia’s working class history and more. Don’t worry, these tours promise to keep political agendas out of the agenda.

During the DNC Convention in Philadelphia, It Should Be Easy to Find Political Pins, Buttons and Other Souvenirs.

Collect Patriotic Souvenirs
No doubt, it will be easy to collect patriotic souvenirs during the DNC Convention in Philadelphia but a few places I found fun stuff included Philadelphia International Airport gift shops, opens in a new windowHard Rock Café (picked up a cool DNC pin, pictured) and opens in a new windowOne Liberty Observation Deck Gift Shop, for a Ben Franklin bottle opener, which, I’m sure he would appreciate, since he was a fan of beer.

Benjamin Franklin Bottle Openers at One Liberty Observation Deck.

Drink American Beer
Philadelphia is a terrific beer town with a respectable number of craft breweries and brewpubs. Across from the Liberty Bell and Independence National Historic Park is Independence Beer Garden where they serve 40 regional and national craft brews. Head over to 2nd Story Brewing for beer crafted in Philly and try the Declaration IPA. (2nd Story Brewing, 117 Chestnut St.; Tel: 267-314-5770; Independence Beer Garden, 100 South Independence Mall West; Tel: 215-922-7100)

There are dozens of other patriotic things to do in Philadelphia and hope this list inspires you to learn a bit more about our country’s beginnings. Check out the opens in a new windowVisit Philadelphia website for more patriotic things to do. Additional posts may assist with your Philadelphia visit:

Planning on attending a political rally? My opens in a new windowtips on attending a presidential rally is a great starting point to prepare.



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