Nordstrom Shares What’s Hot for 2012 Fall Fashion

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According to Nordstrom, 2012 Fall Fashion is About Color
According to Nordstrom, 2012 Fall Fashion is About Color

My idea of fashion is zipping up my favorite skort then topping it off with a black top, my Japanese pearls and Skechers with bling. Thank goodness I was in Columbus, Ohio, recently attending a workshop on how to engineer experiences so I could be shown the error of my ways. Personal stylists Mr. Gabriel Mastin and Ms. Maria Kontomerkos with the Nordstrom Easton Town Center shared what’s hot for 2012 fall fashion and let me tell ya, it doesn’t include a khaki skort.

Forget Blah, For Fall, It’s About Color

Last season, neutral colors as tans, browns, blacks and grays dominated the fashion scene and this year it takes a 180 with colors such as emeralds, crimsons, blues and burgundies. Yes, it means it’s perfectly acceptable to wear an emerald blouse with crimson jeans. Honestly, that’s a little too much out of my box.

Black and gray are still en vogue (and probably always will be) and Gabriele suggested taking a leather jacket to “butch up” a loud dress already hanging in the closet. (I have at least one loud dress, how about you?)

Invest in good pieces of jewelry, such as layering silver bracelets with Lucite bangles by designer Alexis Bittar. First Lady Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Meryl Streep have all been bejeweled by the artist.

Nordstrom Personal Stylist Maria Holds the Mycra Pac Designer Wear Reversible Scrunch Neck Travel Coat (L) and a Burberry Brit (R)
Nordstrom Personal Stylist Maria Holds the Mycra Pac Designer Wear Reversible Scrunch Neck Travel Coat (L) and a Burberry Brit (R)

Traveling in Style

I love my Scottevest travel jacket & vest but my heart skipped a beat when I saw two travel jackets at Nordstrom. Not only were they stylish but extremely portable – they just roll up making them easy to pack.

The first piece is a Mycra Pac Designer Wear Reversible Scrunch Neck Travel Coat. Did you read that – REVERSIBLE! Black on one side and tan on the other. It has a lovely scarf-like scrunch neck and folds up into its own pouch. (See photo above.)

The Bernardo Packable Down Jacket is adorable! It’s lightweight down and rolls up into a ball to fit neatly in a pouch. (See photo below.)

This Bernardo Packable Down Jacket is Perfect for Traveling, It Rolls Up into a Pouch
This Bernardo Packable Down Jacket is Perfect for Traveling, It Rolls Up into a Pouch

What’s Old is New

I knew there was a reason I rarely clean out my closet because what’s old is new. Personal styling at Nordstrom isn’t about purchasing an entirely new wardrobe, it’s creating a wardrobe with what you already have and building on and to it. This season, re-purposing is oh, so chic.

Remember wearing scarves during the ’80s? Well, these fancy fabric swaths are back but bigger than back in the day. Not sure how to wear a scarf? Nordstrom has a great video with fashionable ways to wear scarves well.

Jean jackets are back in style for both casual and dressy occasions. Still have those vintage brooches? Learn to work with it to add something fun to your outfit.

Hoofing It

Having comfortable shoes is important when traveling and Maria showed me an incredibly soft pair of shoes, Attilio Giusti Leombruni Ballerina Flats. Handmade in Italy and feeling soft as butter, these lovelies sell for about $298.

Half boots and full-length boots are both in style and it’s acceptable to wear them with jeans again. And speaking of jeans, Not Your Daughter’s Jeans are apparently the most comfortable, and perfect-fitting jeans. Hmm, suppose I’ll need to check them out.

Go ahead, just do it. I had no idea Cole Haan and NIKE AIR have engineered stylish footwear with NIKE AIR comfort, including pumps. Who knew?

Rule of Fashion?

Gabriele informed us when he was growing up he had a tailor (what kid has a tailor?) who told him if you’re wearing a jacket, always have a pocket square in the chest pocket – this rule applies for both men and women. As for an official fashion rule, there really isn’t one. Gabriele advised against leaving “the house looking matronly or square” but wearing something that makes you feel good and confident.

Fashion can be intimidating, especially at a high-end retail stores as Nordstrom but it was a lovely experience. If your wardrobe needs a little updating, schedule an appointment with a personal stylist and anticipate spending between 2.5 and 3 hours. Visit the Nordstrom website to find a store near you or If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio, area, call 614-416-7111 to schedule your appointment.

Nordstrom Easton Town Center
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