OK, That Was Scary

Oh boy. Where did my posts go?
Oh boy. Where did my posts go?

What’s the worst thing that could happen to a blogger? For me, having all of my content disappear is probably one of the worst things that could happen and when I logged into this site Friday, my stomach sank.

Where were my posts? Why couldn’t I modify the comments?

“Oh, boy. Not good,” I thought.

It was about 10 p.m. Friday and from the comments, looked as though all of my posts and pages disappeared somewhere around 1 or 2 a.m. Friday.

Blue Yonder Design Saves the Day! (Again)

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not that technically inclined when it comes to the mechanics of blogging. I’m pretty well-versed with Blogger.com but still haven’t gotten the hang of WordPress but thankfully, I have an awesome Web designer, host and everything Web technical to rely on – Blue Yonder Design.

I’ve been working with Blue Yonder for at least four years (maybe five???) and they are ALWAYS there when I need them.

In February, this blog exceeded bandwidth (maybe because of the BudgetTravel.com mention?) and although my contact, Jen, was on vacation, she resolved my situation quickly. This go around, she quickly got the situation resolved.

I’m not quite sure what happened but there was some sort of crash and Jen was able to restore everything. I had heard of WordPress users running an update then losing something to everything and because of that, I had only updated once – and that was about a year ago.

The last thing I had done before things disappear was upload about five photos and saved it in a draft. A few hours later, everything – except the content in the two columns – was gone.

My recommendation, if you’re not comfortable with the technical end of blogging (or just looking for a great Web designer), I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend Blue Yonder Design. And learn to back up!

If you’re a blogger, what’s the worst thing that could happen to you?



Jennifer A. Huber is an award-winning travel and outdoor blogger and writer in Southwest Florida. Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., a hiking trail led her to a career path in the tourism industry for more than 30 years. She spent a decade with a park management company in Yellowstone, Death Valley, and Everglades National Parks. She founded the travel blog, SoloTravelGirl.com with the goal of inspiring others to travel alone, not lonely. The unexpected death of her former husband in 2008 reminded her how short life is. His passing was a catalyst for sharing her experiences with the goal of inspiring and empowering others to travel solo. Jennifer holds a Travel Marketing Professional certification from the Southeast Tourism Society, is a certified food judge, member of the NASA Social community, and alum of the FBI Citizens Academy. When not traveling, she is either in the kitchen, practicing her photography skills, or road tripping with her dog, Radcliff.

2 thoughts on “OK, That Was Scary

  1. I think posting something that was meant for my eyes only would be the scariest thing. Sometimes when I suffer from writer’s block I randomly type “the end” after staring at the screen forever, or I’ve written an introduction, inserted “and blah blah blah, some interesting stuff” and continue with the next paragraph. If I ever clicked “publish” without first replacing these space fillers it would be super embarrassing for myself and my brand.

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