Food Truck Dining in Vancouver: Feastro, the Rolling Bistro

Fish Taco (Halibut) from Feastro's Food Truck in Vancouver, B.C.opens IMAGE file
Fish Taco (Halibut) from Feastro's Food Truck in Vancouver, B.C.

Learning Vancouver has a vibrant food truck community thrilled me. When opens in a new windowTBEX broke for lunch Saturday, I was on a mission to find at least one near the Vancouver Convention Center. It wasn’t difficult to spot opens in a new windowFeastro, the Rolling Bistro, with a black grill mounted on the front end. A bull’s skull is an odd, but lovely accent to one side of the grill, with the faux flowers making it less morbid.

“Fresh” and “local” are the two words painted on the front of the blue truck. There was another couple ordering and another waiting for their meal. This meant I beat the lunchtime crowd because by the time I left, there were about a dozen diners in line.

The menu tempted me with too many decisions. Do I grab a lunch with salmon? Fresh crab? Fish and chips? Pulled pork?

Halibut fish tacos called to my stomach and taste buds and satisfied my hunger and thirst for dining on something local. ($7)

Served atop mixed greens, the deep-fried halibut was topped with a slightly sour sauce and fresh salsa. As instructed, I squeezed the lime atop the culinary artwork. Taking a bite, sauce successfully smeared both cheeks. Not sure how that happened but mmm. I tasted the zing of cilantro, zip of onion and freshness of tomatoes. The fish was firm, delicate and divine.

opens in a new windowSteve is one of the operators of Feastro and has an impressive culinary background. He tempted me with the special of the day, a taco with fresh crab, but I resisted. Halibut was my craving.

I made a short video of the experience, enjoy! And when traveling to Vancouver, be sure to find Feastro.

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8 thoughts on “Food Truck Dining in Vancouver: Feastro, the Rolling Bistro

  1. Yes! Tried 2 – one from a shop last night and another from a cart the other day. Will write post but didn’t take video. I’m guessing you did, too?

  2. And that was JUST a sample of all of our food trucks 😉

    Glad you had a good time! Coincidentally we both ate at Feastro AND JapaDog this weekend.

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