U is for Universal Orlando Resort

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Universal Orlando Resort, Florida

Universal Orlando Resort, Florida

“U.” What the heck am I going to blog about in this A to Z Challenge that starts with U? Doh! Universal Orlando Resort in Florida! Of course, now I’m thinking about “V” for the next post.

Truffalos Are So Lovely this Time of Year.

Truffalos Are So Lovely this Time of Year.

Well, this post will be short – I’m traveling again on business meaning I need to catch up on office work after meeting all day with folks. I did sneak over to Universal for a couple of hours tonight for dinner and ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey (I have an annual pass.) Plus, I’m dealing with personal “stuff” putting me in a funky place.

Anyway, I hope to get caught up in reading A to Z blogs (and others!) this weekend. (I DO appreciate your comments!)

I'd Love One of these Light Shades from the Jurassic Park Section

I'd Love to Have One of these Light Shades from the Jurassic Park Section

In the meantime, here are a few snapshots from Universal Orlando Resort and links to my blog posts on the topic. I have to admit, it was wonderful visiting the park by myself. It wasn’t that busy and I was able to walk onto the Harry Potter ride because I was a single rider. That particular attraction has fast pass access for single riders to fill in the holes of couples and parties of three.

Hmm, Which House with the Sorting Hat Place Me?

Hmm, Which House with the Sorting Hat Place Me?

Is this True?

Is this True?

Ribbon Dancing is an Olympic Sport, Right?

Ribbon Dancing is an Olympic Sport, Right?

Keeping Cool When Visiting Universal Studios Florida in Orlando this Summer

Best Theme Park Turkey Leg: Disney or Universal?

My Date with Harry Potter in Universal Orlando

Have you been to Universal Orlando?

This post is part of the 2012 Blogging from A to Z Challenge. Check back daily for a different letter!


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  1. … never been and I never think I will go neither. A great post, but not really my thing and maybe I have lost “my young at heart”, been to Disneyland in Paris and Disney World in Anaheim – had a great time but that is all.

  2. I’ve been to Universal many times, and it never gets old. I prefer to visit during the off-season though, when the temperatures and crowds are bearable! šŸ™‚

  3. So very glad you had a chance to squeeze in a few hours and enjoy Harry Potter Land

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