How Many Hidden Mickeys Can You Spot at Disney World?

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See the Hidden Mickey Above the World "Dreams"?

See the Hidden Mickey Above the World "Dreams"?

I’ve been visiting Walt Disney World since I was knee-high to Jiminy Cricket and it wasn’t until I was in my teens when I noticed a hidden Mickey Mouse in a mural. Over the years, I’ve heard about more of them and would try to find as many as I could.  Well, I just learned about a resource guide to help you find all those hidden Mickeys through Walt Disney World Resorts and I’m guessing you’ll be pleasantly entertained with how many there are. (We’re talking over 1,000!)

Check Out the Emporium on Main Street to See the Hidden Mickeys in the Aladdin Window

Check Out the Emporium on Main Street to See the Hidden Mickeys in the Aladdin Window

The guide is called Hidden Mickeys: A Field Guide to Walt Disney World’s Best Kept Secrets, written by Steven M. Barrett who hosts the website, Hidden Mickey Guy. I recently participated in a Hidden Mickey scavenger hunt hosted by Walt Disney World Dads and Hidden Mickey Guy (I was one of the winners!) and it really opened my eyes to appreciate the artists’ work and see Disney World differently.

Water Art in the Magic Kingdom

Water Art in the Magic Kingdom

More than Hidden Mickeys in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Saturday, I was constantly looking for Mickeys but also saw something I had never seen anywhere else before (sometimes I live under a rock) – water art. I’m not really sure if that’s the appropriate name but rather than using chalk, I saw an artist – dressed as a custodian – “paint” an image of Goofy using a broom and water.

Goofy Emerges from a Little Water in the Magic Kingdom

Goofy Emerges from a Little Water in the Magic Kingdom

When he started, no one was really paying attention. He started with an oval then the cheeks and so on. People were walking over it and pushing their baby carts until they realized it was art. When he was about finished, another artist joined him and began creating another piece of temporary art.

Pretty cool, huh?

Have you noticed the hidden Mickeys while visiting Disney?

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  1. Glad you had fun and won too. Downtown Disney was fun too and looking for these hidden Mickeys does change the way you see things –

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