A Solo Travel Girl Is: Restless, Responsible and Ready

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Saturday, April 20, is Brought to You by the Letter “R"

Saturday, April 20, is Brought to You by the Letter “R”

From A to Z, what are the characteristics of a solo travel girl? This rambunctious lady is restless, responsible and ready!

Restless – She’s young at heart and definitely restless. If her feet aren’t on the move exploring the inner guts of a community, she’s home putting plotting her next adventure.

Responsible – Traveling solo means ya can’t be a flake and need to keep your wits about you. This gal has it together and has a keen sense of avoiding trouble while on the road.

Taking another meaning to “responsible” when possible she’s a responsible traveler and has found a variety of ways to add a little green to her adventures, such as engaging in low-impact activities such as walking tours, searches out farm-to-table eateries and does little to disrupt a culture when visiting developing countries. (Read more of her travel tips on American Standard’s Responsible Living blog, Go Green for Earth Day: Green Tips from Bloggers and in this Yahoo! Voices article A Traveler’s Guide to Responsible Tourism)

Ready – “Have passport, ready to travel.” That’s (one of) the STG’s motto. The STG is prepared and ready to able to hop on a plane at a moment’s notice (following her hour or so drive to the airport).

View of Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil, Oct. 2012

View of Rio de Janeiro from Sugarloaf Mountain, Brazil, Oct. 2012

Are you a solo travel girl? What other qualities beginning with the letter “R” can be attributed to a solo travel girl?

This post is part of the 2013 Blogging A to Z Challenge.


Author: Solo Travel Girl Admin

Originally from Buffalo, N.Y., a hiking trail led Jennifer Huber, aka: Solo Travel Girl, to a career path in tourism. She has worked in the tourism industry for more than 20 years including 10 years with a park management company in Yellowstone, Death Valley and Everglades National Park. She currently lives in Southwest Florida, and maintains this travel blog with the goal of inspiring others to travel alone, not lonely.

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